Public Policy and You

Public Policy and You

Scientists, business owners, firefighters, teachers, ambulance drivers--all were children once! The children you see today will take our places tomorrow--and they need to be prepared.

Study after study shows that the care and education a child receives before age five is crucial to his or her development. Unfortunately, early childhood education is not always a priority in many communities. Yet, it must be if children are to succeed.

What can you do?

Find out what's going on in your community--because early childhood education is too important to leave to someone else. Join with other parents and child care professionals to make your voices heard.

You can communicate with all levels of government, from the president to your local city council member. The most effective communication is with your elected official. Visit or meet your elected official in person, if you have a chance. A personally drafted letter, clearly stating your position, is a very effective way to communicate. Phone calls, faxes, and e-mail are other tools. The most important part is to make sure your voice is heard. For more information about how to advocate for your child, contact us.

The resources in this section of our website will help you stay on top of the latest information regarding issues in child care.

Resources for Child Caring is part of a statewide coalition of early childhood advocates working together through Child Care Works, to achieve and sustain affordable, high-quality child care for the families and communities of Minnesota. To learn more on how you can get involved please visit