Customer Service and Complaint Policies

Customer Service, Complaint, Security and Refund Policies

Customer Service

Child care searches are completed based on parent criteria taken over the telephone. All information regarding a program is self-reported by the caregivers and all caregiver data is updated over the telephone at least once per year. Vacancies and enrollment are updated every eight weeks as per state contract requirements.

Resources for Child Caring does not license, endorse or recommend any particular child care program. Parents are advised there is no guarantee they will locate the quality or available care they are seeking. Enrollment changes occur on a daily basis and the quality of available care may not meet the parent's expectations.

Resources for Child Caring, Resource & Referral Department is committed to providing high quality education, resources and services to all constituents including parents, providers and community members with whom we have contact. We strive to provide accurate, timely and comprehensive resources that meet our customers' needs. All customers are treated with courtesy and respect. We will treat confidential information appropriately and resolve any concerns, problems, inquiries or complaints quickly.


It is the policy of Resources for Child Caring to facilitate the resolution of any complaints. In the event of a customer service complaint, all issues will be addressed in a timely, respectful manner. The customers' issue/complaint will be acknowledged, clarified and responded to by the immediate staff person involved.

If resolution of the issue cannot be reached between the client and staff person, consultation with the staff persons' direct supervisor will be provided. If resolution or reasonable accommodation cannot be reached, the next levels of supervision shall address the issues of the customer.


Resources for Child Caring (RCC) does not disclose credit card account information. When contributors make a donation by credit card, we submit this information directly to a secure credit card processor. RCC uses a secure sockets layer (SSL) to encrypt your data during transmission. This software is the industry standard and is designed to protect your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address.


All donations are final and no refunds can be made.