Business Resources for Family Child Care Providers

This section of our website contains a variety of resources on issues related to the business of family child care. For over 25 years, Resources for Child Caring has been providing support to the business side of family child care. If you have additional questions beyond the resources contained in these web pages and live in Minnesota, or would like to learn how to schedule or find training, please call the Family Child Care Business Support line at 651-641-6626 or e-mail For additional family child care business publications, contact Resources for Child Caring's publishing division, Redleaf Press, at 800-423-8309 or visit


For articles and information about child care unions Click this link. For information provided by licensed family child care providers in Minnesota who decline to support organizing child care in a union, visit


Resources in this section of our website were previously posted on a separate website under the name Redleaf National Institute, a division of our agency. In 2008 we discontinued this division and incorporated the old Redleaf National Institute web site into this website.


If you live outside of Minnesota, The National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC) can connect you with resources, training, and technical assistance. Please go to the training section of the NAFCC website: or call 1-800-359-3817 (ex 321).